Design & Execution

Curious about certain technologies that may boost your operational processes? 

We design and execute processes to define the innovation challenges, the opportunities from those challenges and the solutions to be developed with the appropriate technology partners.


The Design & Execution service is composed by 3 individual modules. Each of them has its own inputs, outputs and benefits an can be contracted individually fitting in any corporate need.

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Challenges & Opportunities Workshop

We facilitate internal workshops to help you collaboratively design a strategy and a business case based on the challenges you have identified

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Shortlist Radar

We find the perfect fit and partners to build a pilot, PoC or investment portfolio

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Pilot Execution

Build a pilot to reduce risks before implementing your solution

Pilot Execution

Speed up your innovation cycles when there’s no time or talent to internally develop it.

We’ll act as project leaders minimizing internal pain and taking the most from the different company cultures.

We’ll understand your pain points and we’ll search for the best solution available worldwide and assist in its deployment in a secured and limited environment.

Measurable goal framework with strategic & financial KPI.

Access to fresh talent and new technology to accelerate product roadmap, IP licensing, joint development.

Once the pilot is done we can keep looking for alternatives to improve its results build and full commercial relationship implementation.

New business lines created leveraging start-up relationships.

Business units engaged to get revenue, cost savings from commercial partnerships or de-risking of the M&A process through prior diligence.

No internal pain, from Peninsula we act as project leaders.

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