Who we are?

Peninsula Team

Transform organisations offering open innovation through startups and agile methodologies.

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We are an open innovation consultant agency that helps corporations accelerate their innovation processes through startups and Lean Startup methodologies, which allow them to benefit from the speed, flexibility, technology and market adaptability of these agents.
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What is Open Innovation?

The background of Peninsula team (born of Incubio and Inspirit) guarantees its expertise as a connoisseur of the startups and entrepreneurship ecosystem, as well as the technology and methodology that facilitate innovation. This knowledge validates us as an ideal partner to achieve the maximum performance and innovation through startups . Our experience in the international ecosystem allows us to identify the best alternatives worldwide, which provide the best innovation solution, overcoming language, cultural or geographical barriers.
Our Founder

Simón Lee

Managing Partner at Peninsula

“We are an Open Innovation Consultant aimed at companies of all sizes, from all sectors and from anywhere in the world. We believe that access to innovation is not limited to large corporations, so we offer to accompany you as your business partner to discover new growth strategies via startups.”

Our Team


Simón Lee

Managing Partner

Andrés Manso

Chief Technical Officer
Josep Maria Ribas

Josep Maria Ribas

Chief Operating Officer

Jordi Llonch

Innovation Partner

Albert Andreu

Marketing Manager

Paula Ferrer

People Director

Santiago Ambit

Innovation Manager

Ángel Montes


Oscar Sahun

Program Manager

Jonathan García

Head of Systems

Ángela Arce

Bid Manager
alvar soto

Àlvar Soto

Legal Advisor