Go To Market

Expand your business portfolio with new Venture Building solutions, or with new business units within the same company structure. We define and create an autonomous team that brings the new solution to the market.

A new venture in a form a startup or business unit is an efficient way to speed up the corporate cycles once a business idea is validated.​

Taking advantage of the best of both worlds plus our methodology allow us to be able to boost our execution and obtain results faster so risk is highly mitigated.


access to market


Lean startup methodology
additional support
Additional support from experts in non-critical areas
Management of the validation process and weekly reporting
talent and team creation
Talent and team creation

Test, proof, validate, learn and scale in a real environment with a controlled level of risk.

Create a truly go-to market team and stop working on non validated hypothesis against the real market.
1. Opportunity

First business hypothesis. Startup scouting

5 months
2. Validation

Problem validation. Business Canvas constantly updated

Go/No-go selection
3. Kickoff

Business unit formalisation. Resource allocation to start

6 to 8 months aprox.

Operations lead. Constant market contact

5. scale

Grow phase implementation

A short description of the roles involved in the journey​
Project Lead

Leadership and an all terrain profesional with execution capacity, usually a former entrepreneur with at least on investment round in his shoulders.


A compliment to the project lead that may change depending on the stage, need or weakness of the lead. Can be a corporate member with required deep knowledge of the core business or the corporate itself.


Takes care that enough resources are allocated in the projectes during the journey and tracks that deliverables fits with quality and time.

Venture Team

Carefully selected squad of professionals, fully involved in the venture with a relevant equity stake.

Management Partner

Member of the board of directors of Peninsula, involved in those key meeting regarding the understanding of the global innovation strategy of the corporate.

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