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BRINC is a business accelerator from Hong Kong created in 2014. At that time, their specific goal was to locate companies in their first stages of growth, dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT). As they started including new startups under the umbrella, they also expanded the areas of interest, always within epigraphs referring to cutting-edge technology.

Today, five years later, they have expanded to new areas like Food Technology, Energy and Drones & Robotics, in addition to IoT.

BRINC’s mission is to put technology at the service of man, solving and helping to overcome the challenges . Its purpose is to use this technology to change the way we feel, how we move, what we eat and where we live.

To serve this purpose, their investment approaches, the accelerator and business services, their capital and all their operating communities have been designed to help business creators use technology as the tool capable of undertaking great and profound changes in the world.

Currently, the efforts are focused, mainly in the areas of clean tech , food tech and IoT , since they have no doubt that these technological elements will undergo an exponential development in the very near future, entering to all aspects of our lives.

They have already made a strong entry into commercial sectors around the world, achieving results difficult to obtain with traditional manual labor.

The challenge

Through a specific acceleration program, which is carried out twice a year for three months in Hong Kong, Poland, India or Bahrain, an intensive search of candidate companies is carried out to join the process of acceleration. The selected companies will have support and a work environment that will allow them to develop their projects in the best possible conditions such as:

Economic contribution

To social capital in exchange for a non-controlling interest, which supports the construction of validated prototypes and final products.


Through an internal network of experts, in all the management processes that affect the creation of companies, creation and protection of brands, obtaining funds, production, marketing and sales.

Contact network

As the company grows, it is introduced into an international network of companies, investors and collaborators that support its growth.

Curriculum adaptation and
technical training

to overcome the specific needs of each company, when bringing your product to the market.

Support tools

Provided by BRINC international collaborators, so that, individually or in conjunction with other participating companies, they can present their progress and difficulties, helping them to resolve them and overcome them satisfactorily.

Continuous support

Once the program is finished, startups continue recieving support in order to develope and grow their business.

To guarantee the success of the program, it is necessary that the candidate business projects meet certain requirements:


Companies focused on the creation of products specifically included in the category of Drones & Robotics.


Have a working prototype or the ability to manufacture your own product.


Have at least two partners with relevant experience in a related industry.


Scalable business model with clear growth potential.

The solution

What role does Peninsula have in this complex process?

From the beginning Peninsula joined this structure as a collaborating company, through the program Reimagine Drone , a Barcelona-based accelerator, focused on the search for commercial drone development companies. The purpose of this program is the development of services and applications, using technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, topography and mapping, data analytics, artificial vision and systems development, among others.

Over time, this collaboration changed its form. Peninsula focused on the prospecting of new business market, through its RADAR tool , while BRINC focused on the process of international acceleration, adding to its activity in addition to China, other markets such as India, Poland and the Middle East.

The importance of a good scouting of companies in acceleration programs to have the best candidates that exist, is something that BRINC knows its importance, since it is critical to make the investment profitable and get the return expected; For this reason, they dont hesitate to make a significant investment in the recruitment phase, which allows them to demand high quality from the participants and make a very detailed selection, having a highly qualified suppliers in this phase of the process.

The Peninsula RADAR tool guarantees the best results. Since 2017, RADAR has been launched six times allowing, to significantly improve the tool, expanding search techniques in the aerospace sector and establishing contacts using digital marketing directed through different social networks.

"The tools that Peninsula put at our disposal have managed to raise, not only the number of candidates interested in participating, but also their quality as projects, allowing to face and solve specific technological challenges of high complexity."

The Results

Peninsula’s collaboration has meant a drastic change in the way BRINC faces the recruitment process and its results:

When advertising the program initially, through social networks and fairs some tens of participants were obtained, which had to be evaluated later, with a high cost.

Thanks to Peninsula’s collaboration, a lot of positive results have been achieved:
Calls made
0 %
Increase of scope from last call
Participants in the last call

In addition, there is a significant reduction of:



This minimizes the need of trips to fairs and visits for startups.
The improvements are significant, and BRINC is aware of the help they recieve in order to achieve their goals.

In Peninsula we are motivated by challenges. Therefore, if you have any project in mind related to growth and innovation in your company, do not hesitate to contact us.

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