Sales Up, training at the service of sales

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Training program

Project duration

1 year (still ongoing)

Sales Up, sharing knowledge to increase sales

Barcelona Activa is an organisation within the Barcelona City Council in charge of boosting the economic development of the city through initiatives of training, employment and networking to promote economic prosperity of the territory and equal labour opportunities for everyone.

In this promotion context Sales Up, a training program oriented to enterprises, is created, and it has as a goal to raise their sales through marketing workshops, sales strategies and customised mentoring sessions.

In Peninsula we’ve had the chance to coordinate the project and be in charge of the trainings during its first edition, and to be able to repeat in the second one, that will be held during 2021.

14 startups participating

36 hours of training

9/10 client’s satisfaction rate

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Starting point

Sales Up meets one of the main priorities Barcelona Activa has in its activity: fostering innovative enterprises’ growth in the Barcelona territory. That’s why from the Entrepreneurship Management they support enterprise projects in early stages to catapult them to success.

Besides from participating in the design and management of the project from the beginning, in Peninsula we put some members of our team at Sales Up and Barcelona Activa disposal so they could transmit to the participating startups all their knowledge and expertise in several matters: sale techniques, marketing strategies, digitisation…  

Sales Up


Through 36 hours of workshops, some of them shared by all the participating entrepreneurs and some specialised according to their business model, and 5 hours of customised mentoring sessions for each startup, we offered training contents to the participants to accompany them and help them boost their business model and raise their sales figure.

STEP 1. Shared workshops
First of all, 6 general workshops were carried out (competition analysis, strategic marketing, web analytics, inbound and outbound marketing and offline commercial strategy) with shared content for all companies, during a total of 18 hours.
STEP 2. Specialised workshops
After that, 3 segmented workshops were held from three categories: B2C group (subscription and e-commerce), SaaS group (B2B companies) and Enterprise group (B2B enterprises), each one with valuable content for every kind of business, also with 18 hours invested.
STEP 3. Customised mentoring sessions
Lastly, 5 hours were dedicated to each startup in particular so experts of the sector could make some follow-up through 1-hour mentoring sessions, which included a session of briefing and strategy of the project, three sessions of consulting and one closing session.


With the Sales Up program implementation we could satisfy the public administration needs regarding traning and business development, and we’ve oriented the participating startups thanks to our background and experience to substantially improve their economic results.

  • High client’s satisfaction rate (score of 9 out of 10)
  • Great connection between Peninsula tutors and participating startups
  • Interest of entrepreneurs to access more workshops of the program
  • Future celebration of Sales Up second edition

Being able to collaborate one more time with the Barcelona City Council and Barcelona Activa after all these years working together is a pleasure for our team, and contributing to the enrichment of the city’s business network by sharing knowledge and experiences is and continues to be a priority for Peninsula.

“Jordi Llonch’s involvement was key to take this program forward. Thanks to you and to all of Peninsula’s team”

Laia Sendra
Programs for Startups Technician

Jordi Llonch
Jordi Llonch

Project Manager

Albert Andreu
Albert Andreu

Marketing Expert

Andrés Manso
Andrés Manso


Simón Lee
Simón Lee


Roc Fages
Roc Fages


Jordi Llonch
Jordi Llonch


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