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Project duration

4 months

Tendas a exame, the way to digitisation

By the end of 2020, A Coruña’s City Hall started the project Tendas a Exame to digitise their local businesses, and in Peninsula we’ve had the chance to collaborate very closely during the whole process.

This initiative had as a main goal to provide the local shops of the city with knowledge about web tools and online apps, in order to help and advise them in the digitisation process of their businesses.

That was intended to give the shops more visibility and to accompany them when adapting their products and services to the new demands of customers.

45 businesses participating

1.600 hours of consultancy

80% of interest in implementing actions

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Starting point

Nowadays, digitisation is almost a must for any business that wants to succeed and look to the future. However, this task entailed a huge challenge for some of the little businesses in A Coruña, as they lack resources and have more difficulties to do so.

In Peninsula we worked directly with the client to make a selection of 45 small enterprises with digitisation needs, so we could help them generate new opportunities on this matter (social media, SEO and search engine presence, digital marketing and e-commerce…).


From a personalised analysis of the business to the design of a marketing plan, the support on implementing actions and gathering results, we accompanied each participant through the whole process in four different steps:

STEP 1. Marketing campaign
First of all, we carried out a recruitment marketing campaign to find shops that were potentially interested in participating in the project. We advertised and promoted the initiative through multichannel messages so they would apply for the call.
STEP 2. Participants selection
From all the potential candidates to be a part of the project, we chose the 45 participants based on several items: their size, their type of business, their location or the advantage they could get from Tendas a Exame.
STEP 3. Analysis of the businesses
During this phase, we visited every business in person, analysing it in detail and suggesting improvement actions. All the data was captured in a report with insights about the market context, retail trends, target audiences, the business details and performance, etc.
STEP 4. Consultancy and tracking
Once every participant’s situation was addressed, we conducted consultancy sessions to develop a tracking plan for each one, this time remotely. In them, the content of the report and how to approach it was discussed, debating what actions would fit best in each case: creating an e-commerce platform, generating more content for social media, interacting more with users...


Thanks to the development of Tendas a Exame, the participant businesses have experimented a very positive impact on their online activity:

Working side by side with our team, these shops have been able to update and even transform their companies and their way of interacting with the Internet and their customers.​ In many of them, results are already perceivable in an increase of sales, clients or engagement rate, and with all the data and conclusions extracted from the executed analysis, they now can keep exploring the digital world on their own.

Josep Maria Ribas
Josep Maria Ribas

Project Manager of Tendas a Exame

Eva Corretgé
Eva Corretgé


Mónica Lorenzo
Mónica Lorenzo


Andreu Alegre
Andreu Alegre


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