Programa Primer, pre-accelerating startups with the Government of Catalonia

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Project duration

4 months

Programa Primer, entrepreneurship with the Government of Catalonia

The Programa Primer by Catalunya Emprèn is an initiative by the Departament d’Empresa i Treball in the Generalitat de Catalunya, the goal of which is to promote the foundation of innovative enterprises in the technology area applied to several sectors, promoting the entrepreneur and innovator character of Barcelona and Catalonia in general.

Through the creation of their own startup accelerators, the entities participating in the program (city councils, employers associations, academic centers, foundations, private companies…) carry out activities with the entrepreneurs, helping them in the development of their entrepreneurial projects: mentorships, specialised trainings, collaborative workshops with round tables and flipped classrooms, etc.

With all that, they want to strengthen the Catalan business network and evolve in the area of new technologies in different sectors. In Peninsula, we’ve been in charge of the program’s technical secretariat.

+100 mentorship hours

29 entities participating

55 developed initiatives

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Starting point

This new edition of the Programa Primer began in October 2020 and ended at the end of February 2021, and it started with 29 entities involved, which ended up gathering more than 319 participants in total in 17 pre-accelerators.

As technical secretariat, in Peninsula we had to be the right hand of the client in the management and coordination both globally and in particular during the project, helping the different institutions so their incubators were a success, managing each one of them individually according to their needs, priorities and sectors

programa primer


We put at Programa Primer’s disposal our team, expert in acceleration and enterprise management, to be by the entities’ side during the whole process of developing their own acceleration programs, always adapting to each entity, their needs, rhythms and formats.

Our experience carrying out programs like this was very useful to coordinate and develop facilitating, formative and communication dynamics so the entities could better orient their projects and move forward to the development of their entrepreneurship initiative.

Communication with entities
A fluid, bidirectional communication was kept with the participating entities, through a customised e-mail attention, regular calls to mentorships and other activities, and also a quality control survey.
Coordination and management
Through the project, a calendar of varied activities was defined to organise the partiicpants, and biweekly meetings were arranged to make a constant follow-up during the course of the program. In these, meeting minutes were elaborated to keep an exhaustive control and to perfect it as it went.
Organisation of activities
To provide the program with content and to help the accelerators to enrich their projects, from Peninsula some activities to train the participants were organised. Among them, there were 6 collaborative days with round tables, workshops, talks and group dynamics such as flipped classrooms and mentorships, to give them management, innovation and marketing tools and ease their activity.
Content creation
Another line of action we followed was the generation of noticeable contents that could be shared in the different communication channels. Through an editorial calendar, some social media posts were scheduled, and we also developed WordPress pages for each accelerator (followed by a training session to help them manage the platform on their own).


The Programa Primer by Catalunya Emprèn concluded once again an edition marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it kept its essence of fostering local entrepreneurship with global projection, innovation applied to technological advance and theme specialisation collaborating with organisations to create a company network and move forward in the entrepreneur ecosystem.

Both the entities and the participating enterprises showed a big satisfaction with our consultancy, and they valued our flexibility. We were able to adapt in a very tight schedule, providing the maximum value and creating a program that was adjusted to the Generalitat de Catalunya’s expectations and needs.

Very satisfied with the work, we expect to keep moving forward and facing new challenges to work for a leading territory in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Eva Corretgé
Eva Corretgé

Project Manager

Vanessa Núñez
Vanessa Núñez


Jonathan García
Jonathan García

Technical Support

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