Tech Rocketship Awards: scouting for the UK Government

tech rocketship awards

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Scouting RADAR

Project duration

10 months

Tech Rocketship Awards, detecting scale-ups on a large scale

In Peninsula we’ve had the chance to put our scouting abilities at the service of the United Kingdom in their internationalisation efforts and their search for new technologies and emerging enterprises.

In the field of business promotion, the Department for International Trade of the United Kingdom Government (DIT) celebrates the Tech Rocketship Awards, that recognise European scale-ups with international expansion potential, and in Peninsula we’ve had the pleasure of collaborating in the last edition of the awards.

80 detected companies

65 applications

2nd country in number of participants

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Starting point

The Tech Rocketship Awards are created with the goal of detecting potential scale-ups in the European area that are seeking to grow internationally, to increase the business network in the United Kingdom.

The call includes several categories and a panel of judges decides what are the best scale-ups in each one. The prize? A business development program in the UK, with a trip, mentorings, counseling and sponsorship services, networking with investors and invitations to events.

The team of the DIT needed to reach the maximum number of applications from as many European countries as possible to make sure the edition was a success.

In Peninsula we worked to find scale-ups from all the Spanish territory that were interested in the project and ended up signing up to the awards, and we did it with one of our star products: the Discovery Radar.

tech rocketship awards


The DIT team detected the best Spanish candidates to apply to the different categories of their awards and got them to participate thanks to our Radar, with which we made an exhaustive scouting in our wide database to find the maximum number of scale-ups that fitted into what we were looking for.

STEP 1. Scouting
At first, we established together with the DIT the criteria when monitoring candidate enterprises (seniority, location, category, offered product, etc.) and we initiated our radar to create a list with all of them.
STEP 2. Selection
With the bulk of scale-ups in our database, we only prioritised the most relevant ones for the call, putting aside the ones that didn’t meet the requirements the client asked for, like the possibility of moving to the United Kingdom.
STEP 3. Contact
We made contact with the segmented enterprises in order to provide them with information about the Tech Rocketship Awards, get them to apply and help them throughout the process.
STEP 4. Recruitment
From the eighty scale-ups we detected, we managed to recruit most of them to participate in the Tech Rocketship Awards and we got applications from a total of 65, that participated in the awards representing Spain.


Thanks to the Discovery Radar we carried out for the Department for International Trade, synergies between Spanish scale-ups and the British Government were created, and we fostered their visibility and international expansion through the awards, that gave them the tools for an exponential growth.

Collaborating with the British Government and helping it build connections with Spanish enterprises was a big opportunity for Peninsula, and we are very satisfied with the final result. Spain was the second country in number of applicants after Israel, making the local talent visible and launching it internationally.

Andrés Manso
Andrés Manso

Project Manager

Jonathan García

Technical team

Johanna Salvador

Technical team

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Technical team

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